Tail Waggin'  Purrfect

 Customers will never find edibles from China or rawhide on the shelves at Pet Things. Pet Things strives to only carry products they know and trust. If we will not give it our pets,we will not carry it.

Family owned and operated local pet store. Excellent customer service, very friendly, great products, and allows pets to shop as well. Much prefer shopping here over the national chains in Douglasville. Definitely worth stoppin by and checking them out. Chris T.

Best store in Douglasville staff is helpful and friendly. We as a community are lucky to have Pet Things. Beth B.

Established in November of 2012 by Terry, Cathy and Brandon Brlecic, Pet Things has proven to be an integral part of the Douglasville community. Since its creation, Pet Things has donated over 43,000 pounds of food, 7500 cans of food and hundreds of other items needed at Douglas County Animal Services. 

This is the ONLY place we will buy our dogs food now! We as a community are lucky to have Pet Things. Haven H.

The Brlecic's Golden Golden Retrievers greet Customers enthusiastically upon their arrival and always make helpful suggestions of their favorite treats and toys.

The best pet store in Douglasville. I've been shopping there for two years. My dogs are the picture of health and I give a lot of credit ti the food they had me put my first puppy on. I was taking her to the vet every three months. Now she only see's the vet for her yearly cneckup. Kyle R.

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